Heat Output5,100 BTU
Heat Settings1,500 watts
Bulb TypeGold coated (SSR-808G-IHR)
Ruby red (SSR-808R-IHR)
Heating AreaUp to 100 sq. ft.
Power (Volt/Hz/Amp)120/60/12.5

  • Single Heating bulb
    (Gold coated - SSR-808G-IHR)
    (Ruby red-SSR-808R-IHR)
  • 1 Heat setting
  • LED lights
  • Wall-mounted steel bracket
  • Tungsten heating element
  • Indoor/outdoor use
  • Aluminum/stainless steel frame

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Product Description

Master’s SSR-808G-IHR Infrared Space Heater is an ideal way to heat localized indoor or outdoor spaces because it doesn’t require any ventilation. Its radiant heat warms objects directly, just like a camp fire or sunlight. With its simple and sturdy design, the SSR-808G-IHR is a great heating solution for any area up to 100 sq. feet on 120V power.

Master’s Infrared Heaters are effective for heating spaces such as garages, workshops, warehouses, barns or outdoor gatherings.

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