Developed using decades of customer feedback, SilentDrive® answers the call for a heater that is both quieter and easier to maintain and operate. This is the next step forward for kerosene torpedo heater design. Our SilentDrive® technology allows for 50% less noise, 46% less electricity consumption, variable heat outputs and a streamlined operation that eliminates routine maintenance (no filters to replace or rotor gaps to keep set).

To put things in relatable terms, a standard 200,000 BTU torpedo heater is about as loud as a motorcycle, whereas our 220,000 BTU SilentDrive® 220 is comparable in noise to a household vacuum cleaner. In addition, all SilentDrive® heaters come equipped with our rigorously tested cold weather start system, as well as the most advanced safety features available.

SilentDrive® heaters are also certified to run on #1 diesel fuel, Jet A fuel, #1 fuel oil, and K-1 kerosene.