The Master® line of SilentDrive® radiant heaters combine forced air convection heat with radiant heat, which warms objects directly. When you think of radiant heat, think of a campfire or the sun. The result is a heater that works quickly and effectively to bring warmth to a space. While it takes some time for hot air to mix with cold air, the radiant heat is working as soon as the heat plate starts glowing.

In addition to using multiple types of heat, Master radiant heaters are also 50% quieter than a comparable conventional kerosene torpedo heater. Radiant heaters also feature a much simpler operation process with no need for routine maintenance.

All Master radiant heaters come equipped with the latest safety features, cold weather start, and are certified to run on #1 & 2 Diesel Fuel, JP8/Jet A Fuel and #1 & 2 Fuel Oil, in addition to K-1 kerosene.