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Master® is the leader in portable kerosene heaters, pushing the envelope of design and engineering to bring forth the next steps in heating technology industry professionals trust all over the world.


NEW! MASTER Industrial Heavy- Duty Heaters 

With innovative design bringing unsurpassed durability and quality, our new Master Industrial Heavy-Duty heaters are industrial grade, for 3 times the normal life and less maintenance than other forced air heaters.


High Velocity Industrial Fans

Our High Velocity Fans deliver fast circulation to localized spaces, taking the edge off the heat and helping you be more productive. Choose from floor, pedestal or wall mounted models.


Master Heavy-Duty Industrial Fans

Master® high capacity heavy-duty industrial fans outshine traditional fans to move massive amounts of air and reduce your reliance on A/C while be able to stand-up to the abuse of Commercial and Industrial applications.



Deliver concentrated air circulation to any area, no matter how hard to reach. Whether you need fresh air in an enclosed space, or if you need extended mold and mildew remediation, our ventilators are the ideal solution.



Equipment that works as hard as you

At Master, we understand that you expect a lot of the tools you use everyday. That is why we’ve designed out products to exceed expectations.


Ready for any shop, barn or worksite

Master heating and cooling products are made go where ever the work takes you.

SilentDrive® Kerosene/Diesel Forced Air Torpedo Heaters

The cutting edge of portable heating technology, SilentDrive® heaters produce half the noise of a comparable forced air heater while deliverinmasterindustrialproducts.com/productsg the powerful heat consumers demand.

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